Air Conditioning Regas

An air con recharge, or regas, is different from a full car air conditioning service in terms of what is done when working on the car’s A/C system.

Your car can lose refrigerant every year. It’s estimated that you can lose around a third of your refrigerant within three years. That is why you notice the car doesn’t get as cold as it should in the summer when you operate the air-con. This is when you need an air con recharge or full A/C service.

An air con recharge consists of removal of your existing refrigerant (if any) and regassing with fresh refrigerant to manufacturers specifications. There is a tight tolerance of refrigerant that needs to be added to the system so the only way to correctly and accurately perform this is to remove all existing refrigerant and add new. Companies offer air con top ups but this can not guarantee correct refrigerant quantity, performance or temperatures.

We will then carry out check that the system is correctly operating and that cabin vent temperatures are optimum 

We offer an air con regas service for all makes and models of car, truck, and agricultural vehicles right across Warwickshire.  

Note that you will lose refrigerant each year naturally. It is estimated that within three years your car may have lost 30% of its refrigerant, impacting on the cooling efficiency of your air conditioning system. It is extremely important to get your A/C system serviced regularily to prevent permanent damge to components.

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