Older vehicles of before 1991 usually contain the gas R12 in the system. R12 is outlawed today so to make your air conditioning system works in your R12 equipped vehicle you will have to get it converted to R134a refrigerant. We can offer you a conversion so your vehicle will run on the later 134a refrigerant.

The process involves changing the Oil in the system so that is compatible with 134a. The high and low pressure charging ports will need modifying using adaptors to take the newer 134a charging equipment. We can supply the parts to convert your vehicle.

We charge £150* for the r12 to r134a conversion service, which also includes a full car air conditioning service so your car air con system will be thoroughly checked, oiled, leak tested and recharged to be up to date and working.

* Figure may vary depending on vehicle and amount of refrigerant needed to charge the A/C system.