Air2 San Vehicle Sanitation Odour and Bacteria removal service


Auto-Aircon has invested in the latest Air2 San sanitisation equipment. It will remove all odours and kill bacteria in your vehicle whether it be air-conditioning smells or general vehicle smells. The process takes no longer than 1 hour and we will issue a certificate when the operation has been completed to certify the procedure has been carried out. Below is how the equipment works in your vehicle

It is expected that sanitation will become the most common and routine vehicle maintenance worldwide.
Mechanical workshops, but also vehicle dealerships, vehicle rent companies, taxi companies, transportation companies, fast-fit centres, carwash services and fuel stations will necessarily have to offer this service to their customers.

In a scenario featured by many improvised offers, TEXA has developed a highly professional line, expressly dedicated to the automotive industry, rich in measures and exclusive functions for the elimination of bacterium or virus.

Thanks to the particular and exclusive procedure that, at the end of the cycle, transforms the ozone into oxygen, AIR2 SAN is the only sanitiser on the market for the automotive industry that guarantees correct air quality before returning the vehicle, in order to protect both the driver and the workshop operator.

AIR2 SAN, thanks to its ozone density, temperature and air humidity sensors, calculates and quickly reaches the ideal amount of ozone needed to sanitise the environment, avoiding excesses of gas that could damage furniture and tools.

During the second phase, thanks to its microprocessor, AIR2 SAN keeps the amount of ozone stable for the time required for a proper sanitation of the environment.

At the end of the sanitation, thanks to the phase that converts the ozone into oxygen, in a short time, AIR2 SAN reduces the residual ozone to an amount that is not harmful for humans, in order to be able to re-access the environment immediately.After sanitising the environment, the ozone is often left to decompose by mere aeration. This procedure, other than requiring a long time, exposes to the risk that the space be used with concentrations of ozone that are still too high to exclude irritations or intoxications, other than the risk of remaining smelly. AIR2 SAN, instead, once the sanitation is complete, performs a reverse cycle, retransforming the residual ozone into oxygen guaranteeing an environment that is immediately liveable and safe. Only when the ozone has returned to natural levels, a green light indicating that the operation is complete will appear on the sanitiser and APP.

TESTED against COVID-19

A series of strict tests performed by the Laboratory of the Department of Molecular Medicine of the University of Padua highlighted that using the specific “Covid-19” program in the AIR2 SAN app, TEXA’s tool is virucidal at 99.99% against SARS-CoV-2.

It is important to underline that the tests were performed on the human SARS-CoV-2 and not on the bovine version, as in some cases related to other products.

Further laboratory checks carried out by the Department of Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Agricultural
Sciences of the University of Ferrara highlighted that AIR2 SAN is also virucidal against the human Coronavirus 229E. AIR2 SAN resulted highly bactericidal even against the Aureus Staphylococcus, Escherichia Coli and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa.

These extraordinary results, the combine the use of a natural gas such as the ozone at such a powerful
virucidal capacity, are the result of the innovative technology of AIR2 SAN, designed specifically to be effective against the COVID-19 epidemic.


Do not confuse this treatment with the "bomb" type treatments that you can buy from local Auto centres. 

This odour removal and bacteria service costs £55.00.