Air conditioning Odour removal service


Sometimes, when your car air conditioning system is on, and the windows are down, you can smell something odd. A musty smell. That smell is caused by a build up of mould and bacteria on the evaporator and needs treating. We therefore offer our air conditioning odour removal service which does precisely that.

The evaporator sits behind your dashboard and is almost impossible to get at without removing the dashboard itself. We have information on how your A/C system works and what the evaporator does, but needless to say if you have a musty smell when using the air con you need to get it fixed. Basically, the evaporator gets damp, and with damp, like your shower and bathroom, it collects mould unless cleaned, and mould breeds bacteria, hence the smell. But there is a way to clean it and kill the mould, thus no more smell.

We install a machine into the passenger footwell and a treatment is pulled into the aircon system using the recirculation facility on the aircon system. The treatment kills bacteria that is present on your evaporator and air ductings that supply the air to the driver and passengers. The treatment lasts around 45-60 minutes and will leave your air conditioning smelling neutral and fresh. The smell that was emitted from the vents when turning your aircon on will be gone.

Do not confuse this treatment with the "bomb" type treatments that you can buy from your local autocentres. 

This odour removal and bacteria service costs £55.00. If done along with an aircon service we can offer for £35